Government from bunkers

Those high-flying pilotless planes called drones fascinate me. American drones have been hand-picking and killing Taliban commanders in Afghanistan one by one in the last year or two. Last week, one of America’s latest bat-winged RQ-170 Sentinel drones went off-course and landed deep in Iran. (This accident will electrify the Israelis, of course!) You can be sure that Russian and Chinese scientists will already be examining the drone closely and will soon be taking its detailed specifications back home for copying. It is said that the latest American-Israeli drones under development are now slimmed down to the size of songbirds, or even large insects like mosquitoes. Once enough countries have developed these drones in the coming years, it will surely be the case that no powerful politicians in the world will be able to show themselves in public for fear of being assassinated by a simulated pigeon which has parked itself overnight on a nearby roof. It will be government from bunkers by then, won’t it?

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