Wimbledon started the first tennis club in the whole world and is the still greatest tennis venue, despite the fact that English tennis is hardly worth speaking of. The City of London started the first central bank in the whole world, the Bank of England, and is still the greatest financial nexus, despite the fact that English banks and institutions now comprise only a small fraction of the thousands of foreign entities that have set up shop there. Wimbledon produces significant export earning from temporary foreign tourists during the Tournament. The City of London produces enormous export earnings all the year round from tourists who spend their formative careers there before returning home. Both Wimbledon and the City of London face intense competitive pressures from several other cities around the world which seek to take away their respective crowns. So long as both venues keep their other facilities reasonably up to date, then the Great and the Good of both activities who, more than anything else in their lives, desire to keep their statuses constantly burnished by being seen to be rubbing shoulders with other Great and Good, will ensure that the basic adage of economics — the Customer is King — still applies. Even if the Eurozone itself survives (which is arguable), the nasty threats of President Sarkozy and other Eurocrats to dethrone the City of London by means of taxing financial transactions are as nought compared with what the customers will decide as they allocate their time and their financial and status activities as between London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Sao Paulo and any other cities whose mayors fancy the top slot.

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