Post-retirement cleverness

Among those who are presently saying that Google, Apple and Starbucks (among many others) are “immoral” because they evade corporation taxes which they don’t strictly need to pay, I would like to know of a single individual who actually does pays more than he needs to. A few exceptions who may want to remain anonymous may exist but I rather think it’s very doubtful.

In principle there’s a simple solution. The UK Treasury (and all other national Treasuries which also complain of “immoral” behaviour by business) have only got to alter their taxation legislation. In practice, though, this is already impossible because tax law in all countries is by now already close to the limit of comprehension, even by Treasuries’ own accountants and lawyers. Besides, if the UK (or another) Treasury Department were to devise totally foolproof legislation then where would early-retiring civil servants go to in order to earn even higher salaries than previously?

And, on top of all that, all Treasury Departments of advanced countries are also engaged in trying to undercut the taxation demands of other countries as they apply to the world-wide operations of corporations such as Google, etc. The plain fact is that whatever clever schemes senior personnel of Treasury Departments may devise, cleverer ones will always be possible once their progenitors take up their new “consultancy” occupations with the likes of Google, etc.

Keith Hudson

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