The befuddlement of the quasi-intelligentsia

Keith Hudson

It’s a bit of a laugh on the back page of my business supplement today — a small item but with a very long headline:  “FTSE 100 chief execs from all over the world — but women are a rarity at the top.”  No, it’s not a laugh.  It’s a tragedy . . . — an injustice even — from the extreme women’s liberationist’s point of view.  But not from a biologist’s or a neuroscientist’s points of view.  Men and women’s hormones are different.  Male and female brains have subtle, but important, structural differences.

There are many skills at which both men and women equally excel. (There’s a crop of women philosophers of great sagacity I was reading about recently that the male academic world have totally shunned.)   There are some skills where men beat women hands down. There are other skills where women make men looks like idiots. Well done! those who have been campaigning over the past century or more for equal rights for women and men.  But it has just about overshot its mark now.  so it’s time to quieten down a bit.  The battle has been won (to use the normal male language.)

We are probably going to have fewer beautiful young ladies entering the House of Commons or Congress in future years.  And we are also probably going to have fewer equally glamorous 40 and 50-year old ladies (due to cosmetic secrets known only to them) —  but highly intelligent withall — heading some of our largest world-straddling corporations and ‘fighting off’ the competition.  Those are merely my own suggestions, and I’m quite prepred to be struck blind if I’m proved to be wrong.

There was also a curious little item I read somewhere yesterday, but have already forgotten where, about the existential angst of those ‘progressive’ men who’ve elected to take weeks of paternity leave from their ‘progressive’ employers.  Apparently they’ve been deliriously happy changing the baby’s nappies (or whatever they’re called these days) or feeding the youngsters and making approrpriate coo-cooing noises and making funny faces at their bundles of near feral creatures whose socialization genes have not anywhere near enough time to kicked in yet.  The experience has not also been enjoyable but they have shown that child-care is all the same to them as to their wives or partners.

But it doesn’t last, apparently.  These young fathers soon start developing neurotic sypmtons of various sorts — depression, feelings of being lost, mild anxiety that they can’t put their finger on.  I think we can take it that ‘progress’ has overshot.  There may well be fathers sho are good at it, but the skills of maternity, the care, and the depth of bonding between a mother and her child is not something that legislation can modify.

The grubby, nasty and thoroughly treacherous worlds of politics and high-level business are not for the more subtle, genetically-gifted sex.  Perhaps we’ll have a rest from the more vociferous proponents of women’s lib in the years to come.  Also from some of the other ‘progressive’ ideas that have overshot the mark in advanced societies in recent years in which there is so much technological change going on that the minds of the quasi-intelligentsia are totally befuddled.

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