A grade points system at university? It’s about time!

Keith Hudson

A grade points system at university?  It’s about time — as they do in America.  In fact, it’s about time we had a points system before school-leavers go to university such as the SATs in America.  In fact, it’s about time the 11+ system was re-instituted . . . in this country — and to heck with the protests of left-wing ideologists who, by scrapping it in the 1950s, set this country back a hundred years.

In fact, if we were fully to take notice of neuroscientists*, we would institute a culture-free points system test at the earliest possible opportunity in a child’s life — say, at two or three years’ old? — it’s quite possible to do this at that age — and let that become the first guide as to future education.  It would catch a lot of children before their minds became blunted with an inadequate pre-school experience. (*Also, paradoxically, if left-wing ideologists were to take their phillosophy of ‘environment-is-all’ fully into account, they, too, would have carried on using the 11+ tests — at least.)

How do minds become blunted?  Quite easiiy.  We are born with far more neurons in our brains that we could ever possibly we need kin our lifetime. (Nature has learned to play all the odds over millions of years of different climatic environments.)  What happens, particularly in the earliest months and years of a child’s life, is that those neurons that aren’t used, die.  And this is what happens to a great number of children born into the lower strata of life.  If in danger of beign brought up in an informationally restricted household, then the children should be removed and given into loving foster care.

What about human rights of the parents, you say?  Heck, what about the human rights of a child who may have potential but whose mind is likely to be, and will be blunted, from the age of two or three hyears of age, until, when they are at nursery or school, their educability is already set lower than it could have been?

Such a Platonic regime change couldn’t be instituted overnight, nor even within a generation, nor even over two or three generations, probably.  But it could be brought about little bit by little bit by any nation-state government (if they have any future existence in their present form) or regional or city administration.  In an age which is becoming more and more specialised — and competitive to boot — then this will have to happen one day.  Why not start now?  We can forgive our politicians for not being up-to-date in what neruuroscience is telling us — but not educationalists.

Correction:  We are not becoming increasingly competitive as implied above.  Man has always been competitive — internally as well as externally.  Without young boys being competitive in lay and without older girls being competitive when seeking young men to partner and raise children with — and thus leaving subpar males behind who will tend to be childless — then the genetic quality of the species could not have been maintained.

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