Only two ways to defeat Isis

Keith Hudson

If Obama and Allies want to defeat Isis in Syria and Iraq they only have two options.  The first is to bomb all the oil wells in Syria and Iraq from which Isis derives most of its income.  The second . . . is to equip the Iranian army commanders with sufficient weapons to expand the Shia volunteer army

Another be might be to arm the Kurds sufficiently.  They’ve proved themselves to be fierce fighters against Isis troops, but they rarely venture forth from their traditional cultural territory.  All the Kurds are interested in is the formal institution of Kurdistan — in other words to expand westwards into Syria, northwards into Turkey and  eastwards into Iran.  This would mean America and Allies imposing a solution on Syria, Turley and Iran.  This is something that the UN Security Council should have done a long time ago.

Failing the first two practical options which — only need a change of policy by Obama — then Isis and the rest of the dysfunctional Islamic world in the Middle East might as well be left alone to sort out their own problem.  This is, of course, the centuries old schism between the Sunnis and the Shias.  The consequence of this, as it was when the savagery between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants died down in Europe is that rationality and independent thought will be allowed to emerge.

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