Poor Obama — what’s he to do?

Keith Hudson

It seems to me that all the flaffing about that’s going on now in the European Union is a preparatory blame game.  Both sides know that Greece will have to leave the Eurozone, so Angela Merkel on her side . . . is setting up the situation in order to be able to blame Alexis Tsipras, and he is doing the same at his end.

There can be no more favours to Greece, or else Italy, Spain and Portugal would be making demands immediately for concessions. Peculiar murmurs would be coming from France, too.  Francois Hollande knows that he will be needing concessions before too long but hasn’t yet dared to say so — being frightened of Germany, as France has always been since the late 1800s.

All this really would be the end of the Eurozone.  And, because rhe Eurozone is now virtually the same as the EU itself, it would be demoralisation for the latter, too.  And, then there would be an immediate second wave of demands from the Brits, the Danes and the Finns, against the parent body, the EU itself.  And this would be more about the other fluffed issue — the matter of being in danger of an increasing wave of immigration from Africa and the Middle East. Their demands will not be so much because they fear the Germans but because they don’t like the French-trained bureaucrats in Brussels.

Poor Obama!  What’s he to do?  He’ll be in danger of losing his European allies in his necessary face-saving pitch against Russia.  And besides, if the EU really does start to falter, Putin will be laughing at both it and him and might take a slice out of eastern Ukraine in order to solve the Ukrainian problem for good and all.  M’mm . . . not a very good way for Obama to see his presidency out.  If he’s not careful he’ll have Hillary Clinton telling him what to do about American foreign policy next.  In coded language, of course, but it’ll hurt him badly all the same in the history books.

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