Madness reigns in Europe

Keith Hudson

The sudden switch-around by creditors since Monday in the negotiations with Greece is yet another example of the dysfunctionality of the European Union.  The latter is now becoming what it was designed . . . to the hatreds of the Second World War.  Thank goodness another war would be impossible now.  No country can afford the necessary armaments, no other country can afford to lend Europeans any money and, more than likely, populations would refuse to be conscripted.

Meanwhile China sails on — as related in my previous posting.  Do we really think that our one-person-one vote system every few years — barely 100 years old — is a better way to run things than the Chinese system — practised as it has been for 2,200 years? Instead of treating China condescendingly, as our politicians and economists tend to do, they would do better to think hard as to how to reform their own political procedures and examine their own economic prejudices.

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