It’s make-up-your-mind time about immigrants

Keith Hudson

In the usual way that politicians, Tories particularly, underestimate the intelligence of the electorate, both the British Prime Minister and the Defence Minister are coming out with the ridiculous notion that the only . . . way to stop European immigration is by rounding up the traffickers in Libya.

LIbya is the most anarchic country in the world right now.  We would never be able to find the traffickers, never mind catch them.  It would take troops of significant numbers even just to patrol 1,000 miles of coastline and to stop the traffickers operating.  And then there’s also the Syrian and Lebanese coastlines through which traffickers filtering migrants to Geece. Only a EU-wide army would be able to do this and there’s no chance of this happening.  The EU can’t even say, “Boo to a goose” in Ukraine physically despite all their political bombast against Putin.

The only way that immigration can be stopped is by blockading all the coastline of the Middle East and North Africa.  This would be an expensive operation but a practical one that needn’t last for long.  Once the flow — that now extends deep into Africa and all across the Middle East (and even through to Asia) — is stopped, then only infrequent surveillance would be necessary.

But the EU had better decide soon, because if it doesn’t then the nascent extreme right-wing parties, now already apparent in all the EU countries — particularly those in the more ‘civilised’ countries of northern Europe — will be causing trouble.  And then again, what about the inevitable entry of Isis terrrorists, already well embeddded in Libya, into Europe?  The new Prime Minister of Italy,  Matteo Reinzi — probably the most competent and realistic politician in the whole of Europe — is terrified of this and thinks it’s inevitable sooner or later.

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