What would Lee Kuan Yew have advised Greece?

Keith Hudson

And then, this afternoon, the Eurozone Foreign Ministers have decided that Greece will receive no more emergency funds from 1 July onwards — that is the day after the next payment to the IMF is due. Will Tsipras now have the courage to urge the country to vote for freedom from the Eurozone? . . .

If there has been one, there have been 50 or 100 articles in the media in the last few months, on how an independent Greece would be the best possible prescription for a good future. Diaspora Greeks in all the large cities of the world are as good as any entrepreneurs.  If they were given the same opportunities in Greece itself then, in two or three years’ time — after a hard grind no doubt — Greece could be transformed.

The best possible person who could have advised Alexis Tsipras at this stage was Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore leader who led his country out of a similar situation and transformed it over a period of 30 years until its citizens had risen from poverty to enjoying the highest per capita income in the world. He also didn’t want independence — in his case from Malaysia — but had it thrust upon him in 1959 just as Tsipras today.

Lee Kuan Yew unfortunately died in March this year.  But if he were alive and could give advice, would Tsipras have the intellectual equipment capable of learning from him?  That’s debatable, and we’re going to see in the next few days whether Tsipras has a quarter of Lee’s imagination and ability.

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