Lord Richards and Prime Minister Cameron are liabilities on the Middle East issue

Keith Hudson

We appear to be drifting into war again.  Lord Richards (ex-Head of the Armed Forces) said yesterday “that we must accept that sooner or later” ground troops and tanks must be sent into combat to defeat Isil in Iraq and Syria. . . .   (The tank, already an out-of-date weapon and only suitable for razing cities to the ground, would be particularly useless against Isil’s fast-moving bedouin-type tactics.  Is Lord Richards on a retainer from the tank manufacturers, I wonder, or is it his Parmenidesian frame of mind?)

I’ve already suggested in a previous posting some weeka ago that the best method of fighting Isil would be to blow up the oil wells that happen to be paying for Isil’s weapoins of war.  But, as is often the case, valuable proprty is sacrosanct even in time of war and the bombers have made no attempt yet. In correspondence with a friend I;ve suggested that, failing the oil-well strategy, then we’d best leave the Middle East to its own problems. Idf we go in any deeper then the resultant mess will be all the greater — as has occurred in Iraq itself.  He — whose opinion on many matters I normally respect — is strongly of the opinion that we should go in and fight them on the ground because far too much human suffering is going on to.

I reply further by saying that the Sunni-Shia antipathy is so great that there’s either going to be a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, or the present type of civil wars going on will continue for many years to come.  In either case, the total cost of human suffering will be far greater than simply leaving Isil alone for the time being — let them have what they want by way of northern Iraq and Syria –until Shias and Sunnis alike in the Middle East join together and defeat them.

I can’t make up my mind on this issue.  Suffice it to say, however,  that the more that David Cameron goes on about the ingratitude of young British Muslims going out to Syria to become jihadis — something that really seems to upset him — and the more pressure he’s asking the Muslim organisations in this country to bear down on their young folk, the more of these young men and women are likely to go.  And then he’ll be liable to rant on even more about Muslim immigrants not absorbing enough British values quickly enough (whatever they are, they take generations to become inbred, but he doesn’t understand this).  Before we know it, we’ll be having some some pretty nasty race riots in some of our northern cities.

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