A new UK Prime Minister very soon?

Keith Hudson

We’re suddenly seeing an awful lot of George Osborne recently.  He’s repeatedly jollying us along that this country is on an economic growth path again. (Which it isn’t if you pay attention to what think-tank economists say after . . . each one of his utterances.) In this respect he keeps on mentioning his caveat as to world trade problems. (He’s getting very worried that China is easing back in its imports and thus slowing down all world trade.) He’s also coming out very strongly against the EU, as it’s presently constituted, and that it should be a free trade area only. (It’s obvious that the Prime MInister is getting absolutely nowhere so far in bring about changes concerning immigration from the Brussel Commissioners and their ‘captured’ politicians.)

In short, if you thread through his coded language, what he’s saying is that David Cameron will not be up to the PM job in the coming months (as regards the EU) and years (as regards our economic performance in a largely recessionary world) and, as Cameron himself has already intimated himself, he wants to retire anyway, then the quicker the changeover the better.

I obviously don’t know the state of George Osborne’s standing among Tory MPs generally — which is important, because they’ll have to elect him formally — but otherwise there must now be quite a strong indication that the hand-over will be taking place soon.

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