Kicking the lorries down the road

Keith Hudson

Groups are not scalable.  Correction — groups that take decisions.  Any committee that’s larger than eight or nine adult male members is going to start running into dissension.  With 28 members, and hamstrung with its . . . particular collation of abstract political ideologies, the European Union is proving to be impossible.  It couldn’t make up its mind about the profligacy of Greece — only to kick the can further the road.  It can’t make up its mind about restricting the immigration of potentially millions of Africans, Central Asians, MIddle Easterners,  Eastern Europeans and, indeed, any others from around the world, oppressed with gross over-population, civil wars and lack of jobs and lifetime prospects.

And now the latest farce!  The 6,000 lorries queueing up along the M20 waiting to go through the Channel Tunnel.  And this applies to just two of the 28 — this country and France.  As far as we’re concerned, the UK Cabinet, with its 15 or 20 members, hasn’t been able to make up its mind about the present problem at Calais.  Strictly speaking it’s a problem for the UK’s emergency committee, Cobra (short for Cabinet Office Briefing Room — equivalent to the White House Situation Room). I’ve looked up Cobra in Wikipedia but it doesn’t tell me one vital piece of information — the number of its members.  I can make a guess.  There’ll be the Prime Minister (or a deputy if he’s abroad) plus one or two more from the Cabinet, the chief of police, the chief of the MI5 and/or MI6, the chiefs of the armed services, the Cabinet Secretary and one or two more senior civil servants.  Well . . . we’re reaching past the crucial numbers already.

No wonder Cobra hasn’t been able to solve the Calais-immigrant problem in its three of four meetings already.  No more did it do so last night with vague mumblings emerging about (a) sending our troops to Calais to belp control the impromptu gangs of hundreds of migrants bursting through the security fencing around the French entrance to the Tunnel, and/or (b) making some Ministry of Defence land in Kent available to the lorries for parking.

Kicking the can down the road again!  The French and the Engish are falling out in a major way, and still the EU cannot make up its mind what to about the migrants crossing tbe Mediterranean  — 170,000 have arrived so far this year already , 40,000 of them in camps in Italy and 40,000 in Greece, the rest scattered around Europe.

European countries are brutal enough to help America when bombing Isil in Syria and Iraq and accidentally killing civilians besides, but hasn’t got the courage to be brutal enough in keeping immigrants away from their own doorstep — governments faced as they are with middle-class ‘humanitarian’ people in their countries with kind intentions no doubt but without any realistic balance about the feelings of indigenous working-class people who are now joining extreme right-wing parties in their droves in northern Europe.

In every organisation in the world there is one leader supported by no more then three of four more who take the normal ongoing final decisions on important matters.  The EU, with its four different sorts of Presidents (distributed and rotated carefuly among its 28 member countries) doesn’t qualify as a decision-making body because all the Presidents have separate remits.  So there is nowhere in the EU any sort of leader + three or four committee that could possibly qualify as a decision-making body, especially needed in emergency situations.  Thus the farce-tragedy will carry on for a long time yet.

One thought on “Kicking the lorries down the road

  1. Interesting, Keith.
    I always viewed Margaret Thatcher’s promotion of a wider Europe as Macheavelian in that it would ultimately lead to failure which she foresaw.
    Your piece epitomises this.

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