Street demonstrations as in 1930s Berlin

Keith Hudson

A day or two ago I described England and France as in a state of war (29 July).  I didn’t mean physical war, of course, but with relations as strained as they ever could be between two countries.  And this, despite soothing . . . speeches by David Cameron (while he was on an Asian trip — which shows just how big a problem it has become back home) and today, a platitudious joint article in the Sunday Telegraph by Theresa May, our Home Secretary, and Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Minister for the Interior.

The article is headed “Migrants think our streets are paved with gold”, sub-headed, “Those fleeing Africa for financial gain in Europe have unreallistic ideas about what we can offer”.  But our streets are paved with gold!  Relative to what they earned in Africa, and relative to their non-existent job prospects there, migrants think we’re Eldorado.  Note how hypocritical is their use of  “financial gain”.  Apparently African and other migrants are to be condemned for seeking financial gain.  It is the very essence of Theresa May’s Tory Party!  Both in principle and in practice.

Note also that talking of ‘financial gain’ betrays the true fact that the vast majority of migrants seeking entrance into Europe are economic migrants.  Most of them might well also be fleeing horrible regimes but very few are genuinely seeking asylum because they;re on a government hit-list back home — the excuse that  ‘progressive’ supporters of large-scale immigration have been using when justifying mass immigration.

Most are economic migrants and there’s nothing wrong with that.  That’s been the case with humans ever since the exodus from Africa 60,000 years ago.  It’s also a fact that many of the migrants we see on tv in the Calais camp, unpreposessing and wretched though they seem to be, are often the most enterprising of their generation in their native country.  Furthermore, some of those we see being interviewed are qualified — teachers, dentists, pharmacists, etc — people who would qualify if we in this country — and in the EU — had ever formulated a sensible immigration policy 20 or 30 years ago.

The whole affair — as long we’re saving boat people from drowning in the Mediterranean and not preventing them from settting out in the first place — will only grow mountainously larger.  If migrants continue to arrive in the EU then the extremely nasty right-wing parties of northern Europe will only grow larger and there’ll be the sorts of street demonstrations in the capitals of Europe, redolent of what went on the Berlin and Munich in the 1930s.

2 thoughts on “Street demonstrations as in 1930s Berlin

  1. Life boat realities and ethics come into play here. How many in the boat before the boat itself sinks. How do we share the food on the boat with those we “save”. etc.

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