A wider strategy of Isis?

Keith Hudson

It now seems that yesterday’s anti-personnel bomb explosion at the Erawan Hindu shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, killing 20 tourists, was carried out by a group with a foreignor as its main perpetrator.  So far, no group . . . has claimed it but, from the way the brutal event was so cold-bloodedly organised, and carried out in front of Hindu shrine also — when it could easily have resulted in as many killings, if not more, in many other places in Bangkok — for maximum tourist damage in one of the upmarket shopping malls, for example — suggests that it was Isis-managed.

There are already bitter disputes in the deep south of the country between Sunni Muslims and Hindus.  Learning from the anti-tourism speciality of Isis in other Muslim countries outside Syria-Iraq, the Thai Sunnis called in a hit squad from the Caliphate complete with their explosives and expertise.  That’s my present view, anyway.  If Isis have been involved, is this part of a wider strategy?

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