5,488,000 female digital robots on Ashley-Madison

Keith Hudson

I got it wildly wrong when I guessed  in a previous posting (“Edwina Currie got it in the neck for telling the truth”, 20 August) that of the 37 million Ashley-Madison subscribers there’d be 30 million married males . . . chasing 7 million willing married females for one-night stands.  It now turns out that the real figures were something like 31 million men and 12,000 women looking for dates.

It now turns out (via Gizmodo on Freethoughts blog sent to me by a reader) that the real situation was much more lopsided.  The largest category of subscribers were those who just wanted to chat — either for chatting’s sake or as a preliminary to a real meeting — and for this subscribers had to check their messages.  About two-thirds of the men did so — 20.2 million — but only a small fraction of the women — 1,492.

Of the profiles on the Ashley-Madison website, there were 31 million men registered and 5.5 million women.  It now looks as though most of the female profiles were fictional, invented by Ashley-Madison staff.  Slightly more precisely there were 5,500,000 – 12,000 = 5,488,000 female digital robots on Ashley-Madison and at least 5,488,000 angry men.

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