Jeremy Corbyn represents a protest vote

Ever since the election of left-wing Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party, I can’t recall another political topic in the last few decades that has prompted so many column inches in the press and sound-bites on television. Everybody, but almost everybody in the ‘serious’ camp —  politicians, economists, financial journalists — have been falling over themselves in various emotional states between fury and exasperation, pointing out how foolish, impractical, disastrous, etc his policies would be if the Labour Party ever came to power and if Jeremy Corbyn remained the leader at the time.

Not once, not a single once, have all these out-pourers recognized the real reason why he was elected — or indeed why the Scottish National Party almost swept the board with 46 seats out of 49 or why four million English voters chose Ukip candidates  in last May’s General Election.

This is that our MPs — of whatever party — have become a Westminster coterie which is far too self-centred to be thinking much about the problems in the rest of the country outside London.  In terms of services and investment per head, Londoners receive far more than anybody else in the country.

It is the total reform of our political system, repeatedly described as “broken”, which is what by far the most of the electorate are calling for.  That, and an opening up of our civil service, about which, and about whose relevant expertise, most of us are largely mystified.

Jeremy Corbyn is a decent fellow and he doesn’t deserve the venom.  That he is naïve about human nature and about economics is besides the point.  The Labour Party choice of Jeremy Corbyn is one of the few protest votes that are available.  In due course, he’ll be torn to shreds by the Labour Party MPs and ignored by the Labour Party supporters who voted for him.

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