Chinese moon visit soon?

Writing my previous blog has reminded me that the Chinese are due to land men on the moon sometime this year — at least, that’s what they said last year.  But what’s the point?  Exactly the same reason that America put men on the moon in 1969 — to cock a snoop.  China will be telling America: “We’re as clever as you are.”

There’s no other reason.  It’s just a marker for the history books against the day when the Chinese — or anybody else — might have robotic mining going on there.  Once again, as with the Mars proposal, if anybody wants to create a habitus there, a large infrastructure would have to be built by robots first. It would have an enormous cost also, and none of the advanced countries, China included, would be able to afford it for the next 50 years at least as they endeavour to pay welfare benefits for all their people who will be thrown out of work by the earth’s robots.

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