An independent BBC no longer

Now that two senior British politicians, Sir Malcolm Rifkind (Tory) and Jack Straw (Labour) have been let off the hook of being corruptible by Kathryn Hudson (no relation!) — the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards — and a bunch of fellow politicians — the House of Commons Committee on Standards — then why haven’t the two gentlemen decided to sue the Daily Telegraph and the Dispatches programme of Channel 4 for compensation for the ‘grievous’ loss to their reputations over the past few months?  If successful each of them could receive £millions.

I don’t know what Jack Straw has said on the matter, but Sir Malcolm Rifkind has said that he hasn’t the time to be bothered!  That speaks for itself.

Incidentally this important concern which is at the very heart of the British electorate’s deep cynicism about government appears nowhere on the BBC website Home page — so much for the independence of the BBC!

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