Greek negotiations overtaken by refugees

So Tsipras and his left-wing Syriza Party has been returned to power in the latest Greek election with four fewer seats than before.  He’ll still have to form a coalition — probably with the right-wing New Democratic Party as before. The latter strongly believes in Greece becoming independent, and thus in the re-introduction of its old currency, the drachma.  If the talks with the EU don’t result in a write-off for a proportion of Greece’s enormous debts, then Greeks will be a lot nearer taking the sensible independence step.

But the Greek issue, however crucial it may be for the reputation of the EU, may be completely submerged under the Syrian refugee problem, with most EU countries refusing to accept more than nominal numbers, and Hungary and two others refusing to take any at all because they are Muslims. This surely strikes at the ideological roots of the EU far more deeply than the Greek problem ever did.

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