Good-bye Yogi Berra–all over again

To my astonishment I learn today that Yogi Berra has just died, aged 90 years.  Well . . . good-bye again.  He may not have been as productive of quotations as William Shakespeare or Doctor Johnson but he certainly has a double play when it comes to repeats. “This is like deja vu all over again” will live for a very long time.

He may have been the greatest baseball player — as hitter and catcher — and I wouldn’t quarrel with that.  But he was also a great banterer of batsmen when he was fielding in order to put them off their stroke.  Whether Yogi Berra’s type of bantering transformed into the rather nasty barracking that goes over here in cricket — particularly Test cricket — I don’t know.  It might have been a classic Darwinian case of co-evolution — spontaneous and entirely separate in origin.

So we’ll let him off that particular deja vu, and simply remember that Yogi Berra has made an awful lot of people chuckle awfully many times and his name will be fondly remembered.

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