Four substantive changes in five days

I’ve been in hospital for five days. In that  period there have been four changes in national relationships.  They all seem substantial to me and have all been caused by international tensions which are arising from a baseline of deeply increasing worry about the instability in the Third World and the lack of economic growth in the Advanced World.  I’ll list them below without comment:

1   .America now seems to be associating with Russia over Assad;
2,  Britain has suddenly switched it position, too;
3.  France’s finance minister is putting forward strong policies for further bailouts. It is now in straight conflict with Germany;
4. Besides the north-side divide in the EU a sudden new, and sharply spoken divide on both sides has broken out between Germany,  Sweden and the ‘racism’ of Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic against any possibility of Muslim immigrants being quota’d with them by EU.

I also get the impression, based on no hard evidence, that definite changes have been made in border patrol policy, and the enforced return of migrants when rescues have been made.

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