One step only for a successful EU

According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in a main article in my today’s ghastly-excellent newspaper — and no doubt true enough — a major eruption is now taking lace in Portugal against the diktats of the Brussels Commissioners of the EU. “Antonio Costa, Portugal’s socialist leader, has refused to go along with further pay cuts in the public sector, or to submit tamely to a Right-wing coalition under the thumb of the now-departed EU-IMF ‘Troika”.

Apparently, it has surprised Brussels.  It oughtn’t to have done if only they had paid attention to history. There has never yet been a new government since the Mongols that didn’t insist on one culture and one language from its initiation. After seeding, an elegant Euro-Esperanto would have evolved well within a generation.

A ridiculous idea?  Perhaps, but only because the 28 cultures of the EU countries are so different that there is no likelihood of even the mildest measure of budgetary agreement being agreed between them every year. Even the two most enthusiastic proponents of the EU — German and French civil servants and politicians  — are further apart politically and culturally today than they were 50 years ago.

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