What about sword attacks, then?

I was recently criticised in slightly sarcastic terms for writing that Obama — and several American Presidents before him — had been unable to do anything about the frequent massacres that go on in America using guns because of tis history, and its gun history in particular. Such is the relatively anti-government nature of American culture, that I suggested that even if guns were brought under control — as is possible in some simpler cultures such as Australia — then some other methods of killings would take place such as by bombs or knives.

I didn’t think of swords! But such is the latest attack in Sweden yesterday.  A 21 year-old young man with racist tendencies killed a teacher and a student and badly injured two more. As with all these massacres in the advanced countries, there’ll now be a great amount of hand-wringing and moralising, nothing could or will happen to greatly ameliorate the basic situation, and the incident will be quickly forgotten about.

What can be done about these repeated events?  Nothing. Nothing at least in modern times when old-fashioned working communities no longer exist — as is usually the case — or when working class communities are deeply infiltrated by large numbers of immigrants with new cultures to which indigenous cultures can’t adapt quickly enough to. We re a deeply social species and once our natural groups are disturbed there’s no general discipline over individuals who may be acting oddly — usually by living isolated lives by themselves or, often, with an elderly mother, nnd .unable to blend into normal society around them.

No doubt some sophisticated check-pointable index could be arrived at whereby the degree of breakdown of any community in advanced countries — particularly among the more fragile poorer classes — could be assessed. But nothing much could be done then. Nor will it until the latest phases of the industrial revolution — the super-large cities of at least 1 million inhabitants or more starts giving way to what my be a significant follow-up phase.

In previous posts I’ve suggested that this will probably happen when education standards and skill standards are very much higher than today, and when older adults, once their children are independent in the cities, will return to live in communities in the countryside and practise their skills over the internet.

2 thoughts on “What about sword attacks, then?

  1. Why should indigenous cultures adapt to immigrants? It is no longer true, but people used to move to the US and want to become Americans. I would welcome those who want to become part of the melting pot.

  2. I agree with you, Anne. If you invite a house guest, they should not expect to redecorate your house, and change the sleeping and eating times your family follows, etc!

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