“The Economist” in trouble?

You can tell that The Economist is in trouble. Like many other magazines it’s taken to bringing our Special Issues and Briefing Notes. I made a bad mistake in re-subscribing a few weeks ago.  Instead of all the interminable stuff it takes days to wade through — if, like me, you like to to keep abreast of wide-angle events — why doesn’t it reduce to its original size of about 12 to 20 pages when it had a genius editor (Bagehot) instead of its present-day 90-odd pages. Among other things, it would be a huge loss of face.

Today, the theme is “Reinventing the Company”, which ought to be interesting.  If so, I’ll write about it in a later post because it’s a great interest of mine, particularly within the context of the epic battle now looming between the multinational corporations and big governments.

How will it all go?  My guess is that governments will be much reduced in the coming decades  — though, if anything more important than ever — while multinationals will have raced to the bottom with declining profit margins from consumer goods and will henceforth because more or less agents for infrastructure development.

But let me see what the bright young Oxbridge types at The Economist say about it.  I’m quite prepared to change my mind.

One thought on ““The Economist” in trouble?

  1. Like the substance in the Economist. But hate the “smarmy, cutesy” writing style. So only read it at the dentist or doc’s office. And then just to scan for special sections like the obits.

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