Nonsense of the whaleboat capsize

That the whale watchers’ boat that suddenly capsized off the Vancouver coast yesterday was due to a freak wave on a sea that was as smooth as millpond is as nonsensical an excuse as anything I have read in a long time. The boat went down so quickly that the crew didn’t even have time to sound a Mayday call.  Nobody saw the tragic event that claimed several lives.

They were killer whales they were looking at — the smartest species on earth except for us and chimps. They are capable of the most varied and astonishing acts in different parts of the world when catching the local prey on sea shore or in the sea. As well as high intelligence are they not also highly emotional creatures?

Could it not be that they thought it a bit of fun to see whether they could capsize the boat? True, the boat was too big for one to have done it alone but several of them lined up on side could easily have done so.  Or if it wasn’t fun, could it be that this particular pod was angry that the watcher’s boat had interrupted what would otherwise have been a successful meal?.

Pure speculation on my part but a speculation that’s a country mile more sensible than the boat owners’ speculation who, after all, don’t want it to be known that their future business might now be in jeopardy.

Let’s wait and see what some real full-time experts of whales say about the matter.

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