What are the skills of the immigrants?

Within the context of current European political correctness yesterday’s advice of ex-Australia PM Abbott in telling Europe to close its borders completely sounds uncomfortable, not to say brutal.

The fact is, though, there is a potential for many millions more immigrants from countries other than Syria.  Young men — economic migrants only — are already starting to flow into the heart of Europe in their thousands from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and even from some of the \Balkan countries which are already members of the EU and are seeking better-paid jobs in Germany.

How long will it be before ordinary folk in Europe — as they are already doing in Germany and France — start to make their voices heard and produce a revolutionary situation such as Europe hasn’t had since 1848 when pretty well all governments were overthrown one way or another.

Once again, the human instinct for altruism and generosity to the many families of Syria who have suffered from civil war is a strong one.  But there is a stronger one when it comes to it — job protectionism.  Most politicians of any experience already know this — it’s part of their trade — but the ideological civil servants at the heart of the Brussels Commission don’t appear to have the message yet.

Mr Abbot said: “Misguided altruism is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error” He then goes on to say — a sentence I take issue with — “No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself.”

Whether substantial immigration leads to the weakening or the strengthening of the recipient population depends entirely on the average skill content of the immigrants compared with the recipients . That’s what really needs to be borne in mind.

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