Our desperate contender for the Tory leadership

Our most desperate contender for leadership of the Tory Party when Cameron finally decides pick a date is Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

Perhaps she is not the most desperate — I suspect George Osborne is by far — but she is easily the most desperate in looking for topics that will lift her into prominence within the Tory Party MPs.

She tried it two weeks ago when she said in a public speech that the massive immigration of the last 20 years was a waste of time and resources and had had no effect on the economy of the country. (She was wrong on the last point — it was yet another ratchet turn downwards in the average skill content of our population to suit low-skill employers.)

She is now proposing that the police should be given powers to view everybody’s website viewing history.

Not a chance, old duck!  Given the vast amount of pornographic websites that people (mainly men) of all classes from top to bottom visit, then it’s the most ridiculous idea that any politician could have ever made. She cannot have the merest whisp of political judgement.

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