We are all racists and will remain so

“Racism” has two entirely different meanings in my dictionary.  Here they are:

“1. The belief that each race has certain qualities or abilities, giving rise to the view that some races are better than others;
2.  Discrimination against or hostility towards other races.”

The first is true.  The second is the pejorative use to which the politically-correct use the term, though it is true enough in that sense.

If we define “race” in the usual way we use the word — that is, in large blocs — then we know that West Africans are  better at explosive sports than Europeans. We also know that Ashkenazi Jews and coastal Han Chinese are more intelligent than Europeans and Americans when measured on standard IQ tests. These differences don’t necessarily stand up when we think of intelligence in-the-round.

If we narrow down the qualities and abilities then we will find that every race has some which makes it superior to others.

Back to the first definition of “race” then we are all racists because all of us belong to a group, or a class, or a culture and all of us think that ours is best of all.  We are all too easily roused to discriminate against other groups, classes or cultures.  On occasion we can all have the most violent feelings against at least one other group, class or culture.

One day, when all children are taught some elementary biology and learn of our various strong instincts, including that of our intense loyalty to a group, or class, or culture then we will begin to learn how to so arrange our lives and organisations — well  before mature adulthood — in order to avoid the nasty events that so deeply pervade the world of 2016.

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