The acceptance of social hierarchy

Left-wing politicians say that social hierarchy is the source of all evil. (At least, that’s what they say publicly.  Here in England the leaders of the Labour Party — until recently — belonged to the same sort of social elite as the Conservative Party.)

Right wing politicians are fully aware that humans are hierarchical, but they say as little as possible about the fact because they benefit from it.

When both wings of politicians — there will always be two wings of highly ambitious individuals — are more roundly educated, they will know that it’s only because women generally marry upwards that poor quality men generally don’t have children.  This is the way  that genetic quality control is established in our species (among many more).

We will always have social hierarchy.  But there can be all the difference between cultures that have small and gentle gradations between social levels (depending on ability), and those in which social differences are great and are cruelly exploitative.  Take your pick.  But until both sorts of politicians accept the basic situation we shall never have adequate and workable government.

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