Economic euthanasia

One party in a conversation here yesterday said that he could never envisage British MPs voting for involuntary euthanasia legislation for a great many years.  They even turned down voluntary euthanasia (The Assisted Dying Bill) only a few weeks ago).  Another party replied that it will happen readily enough when it is much more widespread in the population than it is already.

At the present time, family doctors are injecting their senile patients, or those in great pain, at home at the request of loving relatives.  This follows the practice of a long time past of doing so with royalty and the aristocracy.  In ttheir case it has been done not so much out of kindness but for reasons of succession or inheritance.

Also, even in National Health Service hospitals these days, as well as in private ones, food is being withdrawn from some patients — where the existing nursing staff can be relied upon not to blab — in order to bring about termination all the sooner.  In these cases, because the welfare state can no longer afford to look after helpless old people, — and it’s in the culture — legislation will follow almost automatically

One thought on “Economic euthanasia

  1. Our society is wealthy enough to offer choice. Choice was brought to us by the women’s movement. And now end of life choice should be available for our own bodies. For those that want to be hooked up to a ventilator, we can afford to do so. For those that want dying with dignity and early departure, society will say yes. And the health care savings will propel this decision

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