“Mature manure” !

A friend sends me the following this morning (the mountains referred to are the Appalachians):

“Where I grew up, folks used to laugh at city people who objected to the smell of a farm.  Knowing that, John and I used to say to each other as we drove in farm country, ‘Smell that fresh country air!’

“I hadn’t thought of that for a long time until we walked to the creek this breezy morning.  The wind was coming off the mountains and swooping over the farm, catching every nuance.  John took a deep breath and said, ‘Mature manure.’ ”

Mature manure indeed !  It is lack of that plus the lack of opportunity to grub around in plain dirt in early childhood in modern antiseptic times which is causing a lot of auto-immune diseases such as debilitating allergies in childhood and quite serious diseases in adulthood– when the individual’s deficient immune system over-reacts to even trace quantities of potentially hostile bacteria or viruses.

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