When money . . . and then profits . . . disappear

There’ll come a time when business — as we know it today — disappears. There’ll be so much international competition between suppliers all round the world in all possible consumer goods and services that there’ll be no money profit margins surviving.

But this is only half of what constitutes an exchange between a supplier and consumer. What about the pleasures and satisfactions that the other party previously gained from a transaction? Do they have to be forgone, too?

There’s no reason why not. We’d still want to increase — or at least maintain — our pleasures and satisfactions if possible. Otherwise, our standard of life as a whole would sink downwards.

But in a world without money — inevitable when money profits disappear — how could we claim for goods and services without paying money for it? Answer: We could barter for them from a world-wide pool — a super-Amazon-Alibaba warehouse — containing every conceivable good and service so far invented. This warehouse is, as you will have guessed, is the recent invention we call the Cloud.

But how much could we claim for at any one time? That could only depend on the personal credits measured in the software you and your working colleagues have developed and placed in the Cloud for rent. The value of the software depends on how often it is downloaded into a DNA-type machine in order to make a carbon-based product or into a brain connection to supply a new personal skill. Given the mass of biology research now going on, neither of the above will be far off.

Human nature won’t disappear, however. There’ll still be competition between software development groups for this or that desired way of life — there’ll still be pecking order within groups, but depending on ability not gewgaws — and young people will still leave their parent groups in order to find partners and then join the group that best suits their specializations.

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