Controlling, not fighting, racism

In the last day or two — without going into detail — the Labour Party in this country has been charged with the development of anti-Semitism on top of its more normal antipathy to the nation-state of Israel. Whatever may be said morally, legally or historically about the rights and wrongs of the origination of Israel and of the Palestinians, the fact of the matter is that Israel is no different from the origination of almost all the 200-odd countries registered with the United Nations Organisation. They were created with, or by, violence of some sort. As long as the 200-odd are here to stay, so is Israel.

The Labour Party’s present anti-Jewish tenor is unfortunately allied with a partiality for many Muslim organisations in England. We have over 3 million Muslims immigrants in the country — mostly brought in from Pakistan and Bangladesh by the last Labour administration (1997-2010) — and they’ve been well ‘captured’ by Labour for their vote at election times.

Labour politicians — and Tory ones for that matter — constantly talk of “fighting” racism. Racism is only another version of an immensely strong in-group out-group culture. It goes back for millions of years and is instinctive. However, it’s an instinct that is much more dangerous today than in former times.  Once we’re aware of its ever-present nature then we ought to be talking of controlling it, not fighting it.  Once we are more honest about racism then we ought to do a lot better in dealing with it.

(P.S. Later in the day, the Labour Party is now talking of “rooting-out” racism.  Unless we were able to change our standard repertoire of human genes, then prejudice against any culture outside one’s own in childhood will never be able to be rooted-out.)

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