Bring out all those emergency banknotes!

I feel sure that many of those vote in the EU Referendum will rue the way they voted within a month of two..

As the economy of the EU continues to decline then immigration from EU countries will increase. There’ll be no way of stopping it until welfare benefits and state pensions will have to be reduced.

Although our exports to the EU will not be in danger — because EU firms exports far more to us — unravelling the treaties and protocols will be so onerous that the government will be able to blame our continuing poor economic performance onto the leaving process.

It almost doesn’t matter whichever way the vote goes because there’ll be no decisive changes in our economy for at least five years. By that time, the economy of the EU will either be crumbling badly or have already sunk. Unlike the untidy and protracted business of leaving the EU, the EU itself could disappear almost overnight without a trace. We can be certain that every single EU country has a warehouse full of their traditional banknotes for just such an emergency.

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