The tragic death of Jo Cox, 41. takes away a conscientious and highly intelligent Member of Parliament, still only in her first year since the Election of 2015 and of whom we’d have certainly have heard more in the coming years. Leaving two young children behind her makes it a double, if not a triple, tragedy

The man who shot her and stabbed her repeatedly shouting “Put Britain first” suggests that the high fever of the Referendum shouting match going on in the country had deranged him. Both the Remainers and the Leavers have stopped their campaigning forthwith out of respect. It would be meet if the pause could be extended beyond Friday and through the week-end.

One thought on “IN MEMORIAM — JO COX MP

  1. Humans, like all social mammals, have hierarchies and distributions of intelligence, emotional stability, and insanity. Tragedies occur hourly. If the victim is well known and generally well regarded, the media and public in the society are right to make a big deal of it. Thousands of victims are mourned only by their families.

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