The US Republicans and the English Tories are both in denial about an automated future

Across the water it is difficult to imagine how the Republicans can rid themselves of Donald Trump. They had the chance a few weeks ago when they called him in — but then allowed him to continue as a Republican Party member, and thus contender. Doubts are rising again among the greyheads.

This time, ominously, instead of saying nowt, Paul Ryan, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, and chairman of the forthcoming convention of the most powerful Republicans, said he would not use his position to save Trump’s nomination.

But if they ditch Trump, he will likely continue as an Independent on the ballot paper even if they choose another as the official Republican candidate. Trump would almost certainly keep the average 30% vote of the primaries — and probably more out of sympathy.

The Republicans can’t choose a winner for the real reason that they don’t have a clear set of policies that matches Trump’s for unambiguity. Like the majority of middle of the road Tory MPs in England they have no policy because they don’t realise that the era of the industrial revolution has come to an end.

What is going on now by way of ‘economic growth’ in China is the remnant of the industrial revolution. Within a decade or so, China will join the economic malaise of the rest of the world — advanced countries and the rest alike. But if the Republicans and the Tories don’t have a relevant policy neither do the Democrats and the Labour Party MPs — middle-of-the road or the left-wing extremists.

The existing political set-up has no adequate answer to an increasingly automated future. Left and right are both in denial.

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