Waiting for the smartphone

The smallest item in my business supplement this morning is one which is headed “Phone web surfing overtakes the PC”. Web searching via smartphones has overtaken television viewing  — at least among teenagers — for a year or two. This immediately confirms what I wrote in the opening sentence of my previous blog.

Early television, as did early radio, had many effects, especially of holding the family together, particularly those with adolescents at the time.  What can be said about the latest phenomenon?  Nothing much compared with what the full consequences are likely to be.  It’s still early days.  What can be said so far?

Smartphones, and even simpler mobile phones have already been the cause of mass riots and revolutions in several deprived countries and the means by which thousands of miles of Africa and the Middle and Central Asia are now concatenated into well organised immigrattion routes.  For such a prolific innovation as the smartphone we probably won’t have to wait for long for its further manifestations..

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the smartphone

  1. Question, Keith: Smart phones were a new consumer good. Are you suggesting that a new item will appear which will have a similarly powerful impact? That seems at odds with your position that economic growth can’t continue due to that trend ending.

    I think growth will slow due to natural resource bottlenecks and negative feedback from pollution and overpopulation.

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