What language?

One of the reasons why the Holy Roan Empire failed when Individual European nations start stirring in the 16th century is that it hadn’t established Latin deeply enough among as its universal written language among its aristocracy, upper middle-class lawyers and scholars. The Pope wasn’t powerful enough to achieve a common written script, unlike Emperor Qin 700 years previously in China.

Today, we have mid-Atlantic English spoken and written all round the world and it is second language of choice by at least two billion young people, especially males. Most ot them want a job in England or in an English-speaking country. But soon, some jobs will become much harder to come by. Those who try to migrate into America and Europe will be increasingly repulsed and in many cases treated brutally. What do readers think?

One thought on “What language?

  1. Language is abetted by the Internet as knowledge and opinion are spread. The limits to population growth (including spread via migration) have been bumping up against physical limits for at least half a century in my opinion. Technology, particularly robotics and computers, have devalued human labor value. Repulsions and wars seem inevitable.

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