Caught in the job-changing scene

Trump’s election as the 45th President of the US only confirms what I have been writing on the internet for years — that the electorates of the larger advanced countries have been dividing into two distinct populations. In each country, most of the larger part — Brexit voters in the UK, Trump voters in the US — have laundry-type jobs, with declining wages in real terms which add little or no value to the economy and, increasingly, with declining chances of buying a house of their own and raising a family.

This to be compared with a minority of about 20% of the electorate comprised of the very rich through to many new, highly paid, sophisticated specializations, increasingly mathematical and scientific, requiring higher intelligence, motivation and numbers of years of education. It is this so-called ‘cosmopolitan-elite’ group that is increasingly responsible for a healthy balance of payments every year as global competition rises.

Unfortunately, those of the larger group who voted for Trump haven’t yet realised that, whatever he may have said while campaigning, he will be trapped in the same job-changing scene as Obama was before him.

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