Why Trumpism will decisively fail

In 20 years’ time the British airplane worker will be buying flights on Chinese-made airplanes and flying to his holidays — if he has any — on a Chinese airline.

This will be identical to a period in the history of my home town — the ‘car city’ of Coventry in the 1960s — when a car worker would be making British automobiles Monday to Friday, but parking his Japanese car in the factory car park during the day. He got an equivalent car for less money or, the other way round, more for the same money. This destroyed the British-owned car industry.

The financial power of the individual as a customer over the longer term is greater than an occasional fit of voting anger when manipulated by a demagogue.

2 thoughts on “Why Trumpism will decisively fail

  1. As global wages even out, how evenly level do you think wages and cost of living might eventually become, Keith?

    A thought: as they even out, the differentiating factors will probably be, skill and work productivity–education and indigenous culture.

    An aside: what great joy to see you back and sharing your thoughts, Keith. Thanks, on both counts.


  2. Keith, let’s all come back in 100 years and see what happened. Did we run out of oil. Was global warming “for real”? And where did digital technology bring mankind? Do people still “go to work”? What do people “do” when work is no longer needed and automation has pretty much taken over? Will work be something that people vie for as a way to be creative and structure their days. So many questions. So few answers.

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