Keeping ahead, but for how long?

It can be shown very easily — and very conservatively, too — that Americans are least three times less creative than Britons and Germans. In terms of Nobel prizes in science subjects, the US has won close on 250 while the latter are on about 90 each. Given that America has recruited at least 100 of the best scientific brains of Europe since the 1930s then, thinking about where they were born, raised and schooled, more realistic figures should be 150, 140 and 140. Considering that America’s population is three times higher than Britain or Germany, then QED.

Considering further that Confucian countries such as Japan and China are authoritarian and, so far, highly resistant to the necessary freedom of thinking that’s required — hardy winning any Nobel prizes at all — why will they not be any less able to recruit the best brains of what’s available as America has done? And still does

M’mm . . . perhaps I’d better revise my (complacent) ideas about the half-dozen European countries plus America being able to keep their (economic) noses ahead of Asians for a long time ahead.

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