Re-gaining deeper social satisfactions

Lawrence de Bivort asks me: “As global wages even out, how evenly level do you think wages and cost of living might eventually become? ” He adds the thought: “. . . as they even out, the differentiating factors will probably be, skill and work productivity–education and indigenous culture.

According to those economic historians who’ve toiled on the matter, they reckon that in pre-Copernican Europe — when living there was pretty measly — Chinese, Indians, Africans and mid-Asians all had much the same incomes. Over time they’ll all have gained similar production efficiencies relative to their circumstances. Astonishing though this seems to us these days, I think it might well turn out to be the same over the longer term.

Out of thousands of sub-populations all over the world the usual small crop of geniuses will elect to join fellow creative minds in specialized research groups for a few years whose discoveries might then become available more quickly and widely dispersed than now. Why so? Perhaps because they’ll regain — and re-enjoy — the social satisfactions of their original parental group. . . . Something most people treasure as they get older.

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