Preventing rigid class divisions for good and all

British children are among the least healthy in the world.   A study by the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance shows New Zealanders, South Africans and Slovenians leading the pack while the British are rated D minus.  The government hoped that holding the 2012 Olympic Games in London would boost the health of the nation. So it did temporarily but children since then are in worse condition which can only lead to a lot of illness and diseases in later life — diabetes-2, for example.

What can done about it? Nothing much. In recent years it is being realised that evolution is not only a long-time percentage change but can also involve relatively rapid adjustments to new circumstances. In these days of increasing intellectual competition, particularly in science, a young woman, seeking a dependable partner for her future children will tend to choose the most intelligent male in her chosen social circle.

Unless advanced governments make very serious endeavours to equalise social and educational opportunities for all its potential geniuses in all classes then it will inevitably divide into two populations of distinctly different intelligence levels well within a few generations.

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