Will Trump think again or will it be impeachment?

People of more than average intelligence are considered to be less impressionable than the bulk of the population whose scores on the standard IQ test lie between 90 and 110. This isn’t so. Think of Hitler and his Nuremburg Rallies and the thousands who became Nazis after attending them and listening to his passionate rhetoric.

Think also to the recent Trump Election when the original tranche of 30% of those intending to vote for him ballooned in the following weeks as his message was repeated forcefully.

The reason, so it is alleged, is that intelligent individuals with their more networked brains are more quickly able to make connections than the less intelligent despite their original wariness as to the logic of the argument. Emotions from their evolutionarily older parts of their brains finally overcame the rationality of their more recent frontal lobes.

Go a grade higher until you’re in company with rarer individuals of 1% of the population or fewer and then you find that they quietly begin to examine their new beliefs for flaws. And, they will find them. In abundance in Trump’s case.

However, are they qualified to make any sort of criticisms when most of the world is economically floundering? How do they know that Trump has himself not come to the same conclusions as themselves and that when he’s actually elected he’ll bring about policy changes that are significantly different from the ones he initially sounded forth with?

At the end of the day — that is, long before his first term of office comes to an end — there’s always impeachment. That’s one possibility that the Founding Fathers definitely got right in the Constitution.

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