Relevant governments

Unless I’m misjudging him, George Osborne is an example of an MP who is more than usually guilty of causing resentment, even anger, of a large part of the electorate.  The  politicians  make promises to help their constituents and yet, when elected, most seem to spend most of their time in the comforts of Westminster, some even using the place as being useful in amplifying their own private affairs. .

When he was Chancellor two years ago and in order to boost his chances of being selected as the next Prime Minister after David Cameron, he proclaimed a personal ‘Northern Powerhouse’ project whereby he would rectify the economic differential between the north of England the south.

Besides promising the northern cities a High Speed rail connection with London — which would have only taken talented young people to London and not from it — he was going to substantially beef up the education system in the north. . . . Well, the leadership contest came to an end — adversely for Osborne.  What about the plan for education?

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of the educational assessors, Ofsted, reports that whereas there were 11% fewer outstanding state secondary schools in the north in 2013 than in the south, the difference for 2014 is now 12%.  Ofsted has not yet reported what the 2015 and 2016 figures will be but the chances are that they are likeely to be 13% or even 14% rather than anything lower.

Similar situations exist in all the half-dozen advanced countries.  Education is not the only policy that needs a radical overhaul. Until widespread reform happens then alienation and anger will continue to build up in all those countries until more relevant methods of selecting governments is developed for modern times.

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