Digging into a new era

Whatever the total results of a David Trump Presidency will be from January onwards — however badly the overall exerience may turn out to be — one policy that’s more likely than most to have a positive effect over the longer term will be the result of the appointment of Betsy DeVos as his Education Secretary.

A non-Party philanthropist DeVos’s view — as that of Allisstatus — is to widen parent choice for their children using vouchers and a freeing of regulations to allow many more Free Schools and Charter Schools.  This will be strongly opposed by the teaching unions under the (misguided) notion that protective practices — from working class through to the highest professional institutions — can resist change  forever.

However,  there’s no reason why the Trump-DeVos initiative shoud not get support from both sides of Congress, as did George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act and Barack Obama’s Every Student Succeeds Act.  There’s an insufficiency of evidence yet that Free Schools — tending to be situated in the poorer parts of the cities — provide a clearly superior level of education than state secondary schools, but there certainly is plenty of evidence that the standard of state education improves enormously whenever a new Free School is set up nearby.

Parents generally in the advanced coountries with their multiplicity of new specialisaions will always be nearer the current jobs scheme than senior civil servants in government departments.  Now that the half-dozen high-value trading nations are in a near-moribund economic condition they now have an opportunity to slowly dig their way into a much more sophisticated services era via a much enhanced educational system.

One thought on “Digging into a new era

  1. Keith, you say “however badly the overall experience may turn out to be ” My caution is that we don’t know how the overall experience may turn out.

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