Our next type of governance?

The reason why the present type of nation-state top-down governance will have to give way to a more lateralised one is that there are now too many specialisations.  Their data jam up long before they can get the attention of the decision makers at the top, priorities chosen and decisions taken.  The result is that modern government in the advanced countries is being increasingly characterised as broken.

“Broken” is a cruel word. Nevertheless, when a shibboleth like that develops over time, then it is usually an accurate description of what is happening.  If governance is broken then what about its close associate, democracy?  Or the way it is usually described in glowing colours by our politicians?   For most of the electorate, democracy is simply going to the ballot box once every few years.

There’s one recent development in the advanced countries which, if reflected on further, might give more than a strong clue as to the next form of governance that might evolve.  See next blog.

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