The better part of valour in the Supreme Court

In deliberating whether the Brexit referendum vote should go back to the House of Commons for final approval, the UK Supreme Court is mounting a personal challenge to Theresa May, the Prime Minister. In taking up the job she had declared that there should be no ambiguity about the electorate’s vote — that we have decided to leave the EU with no reservations.

Not only is it a challenge to May but also to those who voted for Brexit. They are liable to be a great deal more angry.

In short, in trying to become a major power player in the country so soon after being instituted — only six months ago — the 11 judges of the Supreme Court are in danger of being humiliated. In order to avoid this, it is probable that the judges have already quietly decided between themselves that they’ll ultimately find in May’s favour even though the legal arguments in court will go on for days yet

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