Betting on the environment

Largely unnoticed 50 years ago when environmental concerns first began to be aired beyond an exceptionally small minority — regarded as eccentrics — the young were, in fact, quietly taking it all on board.  Today, many of the more intelligent of those young are now in positions of political influence where decisions are actually taken — in education, scientific research, the civil service, business and even governmental politicians themselves.

All is definitely not lost as we continue to inflict swathes of damage on the natural environment.  This is particularly so among the social elite — 20% of the populations of the half-dozen leading advanced countries that still dominate in the manufacture and trading in high-value consumer and producer products.

Not only that, but serious concern is now spreading among the higher social levels of the non-elite — witness the popularity of environmental themes in the media and the mass memberships of many environmentally related pasttimes.

Environmental concern is probably now reaching the strength that has been yearned for by its adherents. There’s probably a lot more to come as scientific research intensifies. Without being complacent, that’s where I’d put my money.

2 thoughts on “Betting on the environment

  1. Keith, I wish I could agree. In the same 50 years, human population doubled from 3.5 Billion to over 7 Billion. We are what biologists call a “Patch Disturbant Species”, much like the beaver. With the added technological leverage of robotic farm equipment, earth borers and movers, great numbers of aircraft-autos-trucks…, new roads-bridges-buildings…, landfills overflowing, the seas a dumping ground…the environment has been getting trashed at greater and greater rates daily. The good intentions of some educated leaders is like farts in the wind.

    1. Steve,– I don’t disagree with the spirit of what you have written. My piece was written from the point of view of the social/intellectual elite (of which, I’m pretty sure, the readership of this blog is solidly composed). Before I read your comment above I was debating to write another similar one but I didn’t want to be too repetitive. However, I’ve decided to do so and pull no punches from the point of view of the social/intellectual elite. Keith.

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